Saturday, June 8, 2013

Days Fourteen-Seventeen: Lingira Island

Before heading to Kampala, Tessa and I made another visit to the island. As beautiful as it is and as much as I enjoy the people, it is difficult for Tessa and I to keep busy as most of our objectives have to be carried out on the mainland where the majority of the NGOs reside.
Two more students, from Boise Bible College, have joined us at SHIM to learn about being a missionary by shadowing Andy Smith and the local Ugandan pastors. With the new students, we all explored the circumference of the island with the help of our friend Ema so that he could lead us and translate for us as he has lived on Lingira his whole life.
That night, Ema offered to take us out on Lake Victoria in his friend's paddle boat. This may have been more fun than terrifying if the five of us didn't weigh the boat down so close to the feared lake water or if the boat wasn't sporting some significant holes. After what seemed like a few hours but was really twenty minutes, we returned safely, albeit wet, on the shore.
The following day, Tessa and I paid a visit to the primary school in Lingira. Unfortunately we came only twenty minutes before the only class that day, for three and four year olds, ended but we were still able to watch one of the new teachers lead a few songs for the class.

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